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Quality & Food Safety

At SMARG Herbs, we are committed to mitigating the significant challenge of food borne risks by ensuring the safety and quality of our products from farm to table. We believe that the foundation of food safety and quality begins with the farmer and continues through consumption. That’s why we work closely with our farmers to guarantee a solid qualitative phase from the very origins of the product, with all raw materials checked and tested through rigid control systems at every stage of the selection and production process. Our products undergo laboratory tests to certify their compliance with the food industry, and we introduce only those materials that meet our standards into the production process. We also offer a range of products and services to meet the unique needs of our customers, including steam treated products, milled and packaged in various cuts and particle sizes. Our fully equipped quality control laboratories are capable of conducting a myriad of tests and evaluations on both raw and finished goods, supporting our commitment to delivering the highest standards of safety and quality. Trust SMARG Herbs as your partner in providing safe and wholesome herbs and spices to the world.

At SMARG Herbs, we always strive to provide safe, pure, and wholesome products that exceed the high expectations of our customers and regulatory agencies. Our experienced and dedicated Quality Control Department works tirelessly to provide in-depth analysis and testing of our products before, during, and after the manufacturing processes. We oversee additional specialized testing through our in-house laboratories and outside third-party laboratories to ensure our customers receive a consistent, high-quality, and compliant product. Our evaluations and analysis cover a range of factors, including flavor, particle size, oil content, loss on drying, bulk index, ASH, and acid insoluble ASH. Our ISO17025 accredited Laboratory Testing also includes pesticide residue, plate count, yeast and mould, salmonella, E-coli, and other organisms, providing our customers with the utmost confidence in the safety and quality of our products. Trust SMARG Herbs for safe, pure, and wholesome herbs and spices that exceed expectations.

Quality Control (QC)

Quality Assurance (QA)

SMARG Herbs prioritizes improving its quality standards and is dedicated to providing safe and high-quality food products that comply with customer country regulations and applicable food safety laws. We work in compliance with international regulations and hold certifications such as FSSC22000, HACCP standards, and KOSHER certification. Quality assurance is essential at all stages of production and in our purchasing negotiations, and we carry out ongoing monitoring and testing to ensure consistency. Our own quality assurance program guides our choice of suppliers, and we guarantee systematic analysis, strict controls, cleaning procedures, and after-sales guarantees. We ensure traceability from end product to raw material and vice versa, making our products absolutely reliable.

SMARG Herbs was founded in 2001 to produce safe, wholesome herbs and spices suitable for export to the local market and other exporter companies. With the addition of new team members experienced in quality, production, and export of herbs and spices, SMARG Herbs began exporting its products worldwide. Our success in the marketplace is due to the dedication of our employees, the scale of our manufacturing and support operations, the long-term industry experience of our management team, and our continuing focus on producing superior products.

We use effective cleaning equipment from the very first step in processing to guarantee a high-quality product and ensure a product-friendly process. Our custom-engineered manufacturing equipment includes integral cleaning systems that remove unwanted physical impurities and other foreign material. We maintain control of the manufacturing process, ensuring the quality and consistency of our herbs and spices products.

Our manufacturing processes utilize integral cleaning apparatus, as well as a hand-picking process for the flowers, to remove unwanted plant matter and foreign material. Our production line is composed of several features, including:- 

  • A cutting system that allows the precise fragmentation of the leaves into pieces of a few millimeters up to more than 1 centimeter.
  • Air Separation System, Ventilation and Extraction, designed to remove light contaminants from the product (typically straw, grass, but also plastic filaments and hair), dust and heavy contaminants (stones, glass, metal, twigs and wood sticks).
  • Oscillating sieves, differently located along the processing line, to calibrate the product and remove foreign bodies.
  • Removal of Sticks system, to remove any plant part different from leaf and/or crushed flower.
  • Rare Earth magnets, placed along the production line and regularly inspected and cleaned.
  • Metal Detector, installed to detect tiny contaminants, directly in contact with the product before the final packaging.



SMARG Herbs offers flexibility in packaging formats and sizes to meet different customer manufacturing requirements. Finished products can be packaged in various formats and sizes depending on the convenience of pre-weighed spice packets that customers may require. The packaging formats that SMARG Herbs provides include poly-lined cartons, kraft multi-walled bags, and polywoven bags. With this range of packaging options, customers can select the best fit for their specific needs.

SMARG Herbs sources high-quality ingredients from top organic farms to ensure that every step of their product availability is uncompromising. To support a more sustainable environment, SMARG Herbs carefully selects ingredients from organic farmers. The company’s Supply Chain Department is dedicated to ensure secure sourcing to maintain product sustainability throughout the year. SMARG Herbs purchasing policy includes contract cultivation, where select plantations exclusively produce Herbs and spices for the company, ensuring excellent quality. By partnering with producers for joint cultivation projects, SMARG Herbs can influence product quality from young plants to harvest and help partners transition to ecological and sustainable cultivation. By committing to purchase their harvests, SMARG Herbs contributes to their commercial success. The company has established many longstanding, trustworthy partnerships, providing their experienced buyers with reliable access to premium quality products that they can continually offer to their customers.

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