Technical Services

SMARG Herbs‘ Technical Service team is committed to provide comprehensive technical support services to their customers. These services include defining product specifications, ensuring regulatory compliance, and offering regulatory and product documentation such as MSDS, allergen statements, Certificate Of Analysis, label declarations, and more. The team’s expertise helps customers transition from plant trials to full-scale production of finished food products seamlessly. In addition to these services, the Technical Service department is responsible for creating and maintaining company-wide standard operating procedures and related documentation. They also manage all third-party audits and customer audits, while keeping an eye on industry-wide regulatory activities that could impact their customers. With SMARG Herbs’ Technical Service team, customers can expect reliable and comprehensive technical support throughout the product development and manufacturing process.

SMARG Herbs has a team of dedicated sales representatives who are available to consult with customers and provide practical solutions to their Herbs and Spices requirements. These representatives work closely with customers to understand their unique needs and offer tailored solutions that enhance the flavor of their finished products. Moreover, the sales team provides valuable strategic market information to customers, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions. This information can include insights into market trends, supply chain developments, and pricing fluctuations. By partnering with SMARG Herbs’ sales team, customers can access a wealth of knowledge and expertise that helps them achieve their business goals.

Sales Services

Customer Service

At SMARG Herbs, our customer service representatives are dedicated to provide attentive and personalized support to our customers. Working closely with our sales team, they play a critical role in coordinating and communicating order processing. Acting as liaisons between production and the customer, customer service representatives ensure that all relevant parties are informed of the status of each order. They provide timely updates on order processing and fulfillment, enabling customers to plan accordingly and make informed decisions. With their unwavering attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction, SMARG Herbs’ customer service representatives are an integral part of our team and help us provide exceptional service to our customers.